The Students of the Medicinal Chemistry Master program can develop their MSc thesis in research issues related to the science of "Medical Chemistry". The research activity of the Faculty and Collaboration Scientists of the program could be described below (more information on web page of each Teacher-Partner):


* Rational design of biologically active compounds implicated in diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Diabetes, Hypertension, cancer etc.

* Conformational study of pharmaceutical compounds. Structure Activity Relationship Studies.

* Development of methodologies for the synthesis of natural protein (Biotechnological, Synthetic).

* Development of methodologies for the synthesis and characterization of biologically active compounds.

* Biological assessment, in vitro and in vivo, molecules and new rationally designed synthesized compounds.

* Development of methodologies and analysis (pharmacokinetics, bioavailability) of pharmaceutical compounds.

* Synthesis and study of Supramolecular Systems for the development of bio-mimetic systems.